A response

I heard from one former “Facebook friend” pointing out to me what the problem is.

I am sorry that what I tried to present was misinterpreted as being a means of diminishing another point of view, since I tried to be as careful as possible to not offend or diminish anyone. I would be curious to hera from anyone else that flt personally offended, or concurs with this assesment of my postings.  I thing my posts seem to be pretty broad and far reaching for the most part, and if it seems I am posting too much about Vets, well, perhaps that’s because I am one and have a personal preference at this particular point in time since there aren’t a lot of people advocating for them. I surely wasn’t inferring that this person didn’t care about vets, because I know they do, and realy  was a total misinterpretation of my motivaion for posting the border issues to begin with. so here is part of the response.

“Presenting other views is fine, but when I presented the view that the returning vet and immigrating Mexican (that you said was less important) derive their positions from the same root cause, and even under scored that by saying ALL humans deserved consideration and compassion, you negated that, essentially, by inferring that I did not care about the poor and hungry woman in West Virginia. You chose not to examine the thesis that there was a shared cause and put forth an opinion responding to that, but instead accused me of not caring about a person who you some how did not include in the category I mentioned of “all humans”.

Then you posted your blog link on FB which basically said no one was responding because you slammed us with facts.

No; I (and at least one other person, who mentioned it to me in person) gave up on explaining why all those who suffer economic/environmental/political injustice, from Vets to Immigrants to the miner’s wife are part of the same system.

You could very easily have posted the story about the vet with words from your heart about the outrageous treatment of vets without ragging on the border issue. Saying that one human injustice is more important than another is devisive, especially at a time when human survival depends on realizing that all injustice hurts all of us, and that we all will flounder or flourish together.

I ‘unfriended’ because the endless shouting about Vets without really considering the responses got old, and defeats the purpose, for me, of sharing information. ”

So, what do you think? Honestly! If I have offended someone please tell me. I can see where things can easily be misconstrued and perhaps even taken as a personal affront, when it was never intended that way.


~ by Edward Conley on July 17, 2010.

3 Responses to “A response”

  1. Ed, I think we are entitled to our opinions and beliefs based on our knowledge, experience and research. I would never try to make you “feel bad” if i don’t agree with you. I prefer to find the common ground and go from there, than find the things we don’t agree on and pick it to heck. You believe what you believe, I believe what I believe and if we don’t agree, that’s okay…I still like you and want to be your facebook friend. I know I rattle lots of cages…I figure people can “hide” me, if I annoy them too much or they can say something and we can debate. Most people don’t want to debate, though…they want to minimalize and intimidate us or strong arm us until we relent and either defriend, hide or quit fighting…when a person has a passion, they shouldn’t let anyone make them quit fighting. We don’t need more drones…we need more passion and knowledge!
    I’ve learned a lot from you and hope it’s reciprocated!
    love you old friend….

    • Thanks for your reply. I don’t take things personally, at least most of the time, and I didn’t really take anyone “defriending” me personal, just wanted some honest dialog, which is what you are providing. Of course we don’t all agree on everything, and I made sure I qualified what I presented as just information, not necessarily what I believed, or even thought, but I get pretty tired of onsided views on anything at all. If we all agreed on everything, it would be a boring world to live in.
      I hope I didn’t come across as minimalizing anyone, since it was never my intent, The main point I was trying to make is that we have American citizens that feel the have little or no voice,and my passon for Veterans issues is because we are only in the beginning stages of a national tragedy in regard to PTSD and all the issues related to that, not to mention the men and women with out limbs, serious brain injuries and chemical poisioning,These issues seem to take a back seat to the border issues and was the point I was trying to make posting so much about veterans. Then, some people very passionate about illegal immigration and the “rights” of those who choose to circumvent the legal system, like to paint me as not being compassionate, or insinuate that I am somehow a closet racist or right wing nut, clearly don’t know me. I don’t take it personal, but am a little disappointed in some of my progressive friends that are now “uncomfortable” with me.
      I am what I am, warts and all, and I too rattle a lot of cages, and will continue to do so. Always have, always will. I rattled cages when I was a Federal Employee, and have here locally, yet I do it out of caring, not for some ego driven, self serving cause that I know little or nothing about.I try my best to see ALL sides, and yes, it sometimes pisses people off. And yes, I have learned a lot from you as well and always welcome honest, intelligent debate.
      This sometimes hard core bastard was brainwashed by the best mind fuckers in the world, The United States Marine Corp, and thank God I’m about 99.9% free of that BS, but some residule BS is still with me. I’m doing the best I can, and mean no harm to anyone.

  2. I have always taken everything you post as informational.
    Nope, don’t think you’re racist!
    And…in my humble opinion, if we weren’t spending our resources on illegals, we might have some money to spend on the vets to get them the help they need. If anyone deserves our country to provide needed services it would be for those who fought on our behalf!
    You are a very sensitive and spiritual guy…I can tell fronm your interests and posts…and I haven’t seen you since High School and i can gleen that from the content of your posts! Your friends, need to chill and practice some of that progressive “tolerance” they talk so much about. 🙂
    Dialogue is the only way we can share and learn!
    I’ve never been afraid of dialogue or debate with rational human beings…it’s people who don’t really care to learn and share but cram something down your throat that i have no time for…LOL
    you aren’t like that at all….just sayin’
    Blessings, dear Ed…you are a wonderful and inspiring person…so happy our paths crossed again!

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