Hi, I’m sending this email to ask for your input on testimony to the NM Environmental Improvement Board that I’ve been asked to give on behalf of the local Green Chamber of Commerce regarding a petition to cap CO2 emissions in the state. I’ve been asked to provide comment on how global warming and greenhouse gas emissions will impact this part of the state, and also to “outline the benefits of a greenhouse cap”. I’m told that there’s probably going to be some level of national media attention on this event, as we are talking about getting out ahead of the Federal government on the issue.

I’ve had a couple of days since confirmation that I would be testifying to bone up on local climate change effects and CO2 emissions caps, which is a woefully inadequate timeframe to become completely well-versed in the current science and politics of the two subjects. I’ve burned up the phone lines (and have talked to a few of you already) and nearly melted down my USB cellular modem trying to get up to speed. I’d like to have the facts down as best as possible, but also would like to represent the interests and opinions of the community as fully and farily as possible. So I’m asking for input, advice, and ideas.

I’ve attached the following, FYI:
1. A New Mexico Independent article on the hearings themselves

2. An NM State Government interagency report on the effects of climate change in New Mexico

3. A Carbon Tax Center article on carbon tax schemes

4. A web page summary of Sen. Maria Cantwell’s CLEAR Act ( a cap and dividend strategy, as opposed to cap and trade)

5. Rebuttal testimony of Steve Michel (an environmental lawyer) on behalf of New Energy Economy in support of their CO2 emissions cap petition

6. Finally a draft outline of what I’ve come up with so far ( I think the effects portion is pretty good, but not complete, implications/consequences are fair, and I’m becoming increasingly convinced that the conclusions are right)

Also, here’s a pretty good link to the most straightforward criticisms of cap and trade that I’ve come across so far:
· http://storyofstuff.com/capandtrade/

· http://www.carbonfees.org/home/?page_id=35

I apologize for the 11th hour appeal, but I hope to hear from you (and understand if I don’t)!


Chuck Fuller, M.S. ChE
Fuller Enterprises

24 Fuller Dr., Hwy 15
Silver City, NM 88061

Mobile Tel.: (575) 313-0020
Office/Fax: (575) 538-2455


~ by Edward Conley on August 17, 2010.

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