Veterans Day

So, do you say “happy Veterans Day” ?
Is it really a happy day? It is in one sense because those of us that actually survived, are still here to “Celebrate”, what ever that means. Perhaps to say we are celebrating is a stretch. I for one don’t celebrate war, but do recognize and honor my fellow veterans from all branches, in all times, war or peacetime, for serving this country.
It is my prayer that we as a nation “Celebrate” by ending the need for war and a huge defense effort that is so draining financially, politically, and emotionally . It has been the source of great unity and great polarity even among veterans. I for one pledge to live out the rest of my life in the quest for peace, and still honor those who have so bravely served.
I hope you have an insightful Veterans day this year, and truly reflect on its meaning.


~ by Edward Conley on November 9, 2010.

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