I’m pretty much “an avereage Joe” in many ways.Though I don’t fit the average “American Guy” profile.

I’m a father, and a grandfather. A son and a brother . An uncle and a cousin.

I believe in God, but am not necessarily religious. So don’t try to convert me.

I’m a former registered Democrat, now a registered independent. What ever that means.

I did my time in the military, I’m a combat wounded Marine, Vietnam veteran.

I served my country again in Civil Service. I’m no wimp, but I ain’t macho.

I was once a professional..

I am now pretty much a “professional volunteer”

I’m not a patriot, but not  anti American.. more of a realist, a pragmatist I suppose.

I’m not a follower, a worshiper, a devotee, or stuck in one way of thought. I hear what everyone has to say. I might not agree, but so what?

I have a good life and I am grateful for all I have.

I’m not rich, but I’m not poor, not a bigot, but not a bleeding heart, not right, but not wrong.
I have some liberal views and some conservative views, and am probably not necessarily always politically correct, but mean no intentional harm to anyone. My opinions are just that, my opinion. Facts that I present are just that, not necessarily my opinion. So in other words I’m probably a lot more like you than you know…

I respect and welcome our differences and our commonalities..It’s all good.. grist for the mill..


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